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Monday, July 5, 2010

Paper Molas Year 4/5s 8-11yrs

Wow these paper molas really extended my students. After showing the students real molas we practised making small ones based on traditional designs of the Kuna culture with the influences of the modern world. Mola art developed when Kuna women of the San Blas Islands in Panama had access to bright colour fabrics.
How to make.
Colored card
Use primary and secondary to create Complementary colour schemes.
Glue sticks,
Images of traditional designs.
Step one students draw or trace around templates of animals etc using a primary colour.
I made about 15 animal -bird , fish shapes - but more capable students could create their own,. Once traced - cut out and glue onto an A5 size piece of paper . Students can choose its complementary colour as the background. Students then trimmed leaving about 4-5mm or around 1/4 inch.
Glue the animal shape onto a rectangle of black paper A4 size.
Stduents then decorated the the animal and filled in the background with small rectangles, paper punched dots as required. etc


  1. What a great way to make mola's with children. I tried it once myself, but it was to difficult because I wanted them to cut out all pieces instead of pasting them aside.
    I'm sure going to try it your way, thanks!

  2. These look great, and so do the bark paintings. I've done molas with my 6th graders, and actually had them cut through layers of paper and while they look awesome, it's an awful lot of work and frustrating for some of them. Your way is definitely easier!!

  3. To make the rectangles for the back It is easier to cut strips on the guillotine then the kids just snip off squares or rectangles.

  4. These are awesome! Love the black background it really makes the colors pop.

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