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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Papel Amate

Finally on a couple of weeks holiday and ready to start putting up my first blogs and the fantastic art work my students created
Our theme in the first term middle grades has been Celebration and in particular Latin America. I discovered the paper cutouts of the villages in the Otomi Community San Pablito in the Sierra Norte in Puebla.- the following links provides the essential information
See below the artworks my students made.
How to make them
Brown paper A4
Wax candle
Clothes iron
Black A3 cart for display
Brown edicol dye or food colouring
Basic template of figure

Step 1
Fake Amate Paper

Rub brown paper with wax candle using it ion its side. Ensure a good waxy coverage.
Crumple paper well to crack the wax coating. Open out and smooth ready to dye. Dye with brown dye and iron flat between two layers of newspaper.

Step 2
Paper Cutting
Create the figure using a strong piece of card see template .
Fold the brown paper in half lengthwise. Fold dyed side to the inside and trace the figure onto half the paper. Add the extra shapes which could be fruit shapes , leaves animals etc- check website for ideas. I printed out lots of examples for students to use.
Carefully cut out keeping paper folded to create symmetrical figure.
Glue onto black paper for display.



  1. where can i get templates for figures

  2. Just discovered your blog - great ideas! Another way to make 'amate' paper: cut brown kraft paper to size, prepare a tub of water that has black & brown tempera mixed in,students crumple & squeeze paper 2 times, gently lay wet paper flat between layers of newspapers and smooth flat. Paper will be need to dry overnight & will be ready by next class. The paint settles into the cracks & each piece is very unique! If needed, you can iron the piece when damp. Looking forward to more great ideas!!

  3. Rashad- I did a search on the internet and found the figures I then drew a basic figure and the students then created their own embellishments