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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Organising blogs - I need to have up to date links

I love blogging but does any one know how to have the links with pics and have them move up the links list when they are just updated. It would save me so much time. I am sure someone out there knows how.

Franz Marc Tigers

Its the Year of the Tiger-and although it is drawing to a close , I thought it was time to show off a few examples of the Year 7's multimedia art works based on Franz Marc's amazing art work. Franz Marc artistic legacy is formidable despite his life being cut cruelly short with his death in World War I. My students began by drawing tigers and then simplifying them into sharp angles with a ruler. This design was then transferred into a collograph printing block. The outline shape was then transferred onto the background. That area was painted in yellow or orange with tempera block paint. The rest of the background was drawn up using a ruler to create a landscape. The students then used a combination of warm / cool colours. The students then printed their tigers using a black ink. To complete the artwork black crayon was applied to outline the background shapes and apply tone.

Cats ceramic - Faux Blue Porcelain Glaze

After visiting a very large private school exhibition I was inspired to create these ceramic cats with my year 2/3's. The Owl and the Pussy Cat was the idea. You have already seen the owls so here are the cats. The heads are made with a small ball of clay (golf ball size). The body is made from a slightly larger ball of clay . Push thumb into ball of clay and gently squeeze it down around the thumb to shape body. Join on head with water or slip. Use a large skewer to slightly hollow out the inside of the head. Shape ears and nose. . Draw on nose and whiskers. Roll tiny balls of clay for eyes. We made small sockets first . Join eyes onto head with water. Roll a small tail and attach. I used a phillips head screw driver to texture the body. We did not bother with creating legs. After firing we painted the cats with a watered down acrylic paint. We used cobalt blue. Experiment with the dilution to get the desired result. The thinner it is the more translucent in appearance. I have used an aquamarine colour previously to create a celadon effect. Allow to dry and spray with a clear gloss varnish. I could also imagine this would be perfect for creating the gorgeous Egyptian Hippopotamus.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cute clay owls

I have just finished gluing paper clips on the back of my kids cute clay owls. I found the technique at It was very easy and fast. Once fired they were coloured with crayon and then brushed with Sumi-e ink. Hope you find this lesson a great 3D addition to your 2D owl lessons.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Check Out a couple of my older posts re Wild Things and Bird Houses

I have just updated a couple of older posts with some photos. I am so delighted with the results of the kids art. The clay work is fantastic. I will upload some new work over the next week or two as I enjoy a small break mid semester.