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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Imagine Art Exhibition

Tomorrow the pinup screens are moved into the exhibition space for Imagine!! I am looking forward to getting all the art work up. It will be one big task but have lots of great helpers. Photos will be posted asap.

Monday, October 18, 2010

ART BLAST Exhibition Fremantle

The 2010 Art Blast exhibition is up and fantastic. The four day art display represents the best art from 30 plus schools in our district.From preschool to year 12 the variety and creativity displayed is awesome. Our school has been involved for 11 years now and I am proud to say we continue to shine. It is a result of our students having visual arts taught by a specialist from preschool ( 5 yrs). With a rich arts focus in our school it enriches the total learning experience our children are given . I will put up photos in a couple of days after we have our Professional development based on the art exhibition. It is a bit of a show and tell session. And we learn so much from each other. I always come away inspired.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Imagine Art Auction is up and Running

All my Blogger friends - you are welcome to have a look at my schools Visual Art Silent Auction art works which the students and I have been working on for three months. I finally finished the last mounting and framing today. The display is all set up in the front office at school. I have just finished posting all the art works on the school Exhibition blog site
Imagine is the exhibition name.
Here is the link to the blog site -

There a re lots of ideas and new techniques .
The auction is only for our school community.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2d Cardboard Bird Houses -3d Birds- Clay Year 1/2

I recently uploaded an Image of my 3d bird houses. I was also due to upload the 2d images-forgot too so will do that when I retake the photos after having problems with my camera. I have to acknowledge Patty from Deep Space Sparkle for the inspiration. I also found these absolutely cute cardboard ones on the Fem Manuales blog . Scroll down quite a bit to locate them.

So I have to say these were such a great project for the little ones- Years 1/2 .
I used thin cardboard that was inside the middle of the calendars my friend gave me. We then drew the shape of the bird house in Black permanent marker and painted them with pastel shades of acrylic paint. We then embellished them with gold and silver paint and retouched up with the black pens. To finish we cut them out( some littles found come parts of the cutting out difficult)
I intend to display them like Cristina on a large tree shape painted white on black paper.
We also made the