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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Imagine Art Auction is up and Running

All my Blogger friends - you are welcome to have a look at my schools Visual Art Silent Auction art works which the students and I have been working on for three months. I finally finished the last mounting and framing today. The display is all set up in the front office at school. I have just finished posting all the art works on the school Exhibition blog site
Imagine is the exhibition name.
Here is the link to the blog site -

There a re lots of ideas and new techniques .
The auction is only for our school community.


  1. What FANTASTIC artwork! It's hard to pick what I love the most - maybe the Bronwyn Bancroft pieces, maybe the African masks. Good luck with the auction!

  2. Thanks Mary- it has been at least 3 months hard work plus 2 weeks of late nights mounting , cataloging, photgraphing and blogging. Glad it is over. I hope this will be successful other wise we will be having them hung up around the school permanently.