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Sunday, October 3, 2010

2d Cardboard Bird Houses -3d Birds- Clay Year 1/2

I recently uploaded an Image of my 3d bird houses. I was also due to upload the 2d images-forgot too so will do that when I retake the photos after having problems with my camera. I have to acknowledge Patty from Deep Space Sparkle for the inspiration. I also found these absolutely cute cardboard ones on the Fem Manuales blog . Scroll down quite a bit to locate them.

So I have to say these were such a great project for the little ones- Years 1/2 .
I used thin cardboard that was inside the middle of the calendars my friend gave me. We then drew the shape of the bird house in Black permanent marker and painted them with pastel shades of acrylic paint. We then embellished them with gold and silver paint and retouched up with the black pens. To finish we cut them out( some littles found come parts of the cutting out difficult)
I intend to display them like Cristina on a large tree shape painted white on black paper.
We also made the


  1. These are wonderful! I love the clay birds tying in with the cardboard birdhouses.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my art lesson blog, This Little Class of Mine. I only update my most original art lessons that I spend the most time developing. ;-) To read stories from my classroom and artistic ventures be sure to check out:

  3. Awesome bird houses!! I have lots of chipboard that would work perfectly for this plan. Think I may give it a go soon. Can't wait to see pics from your shows. Best, Vicki