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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wait for it!! Ole and Hola

Welcome to my new blog.
I have the privilege to work in a wonderful school on the west coast of that country Downunder- Australia - Our school is Beeliar Primary Oh I have just spent the last two months reading and watching all the best art blogs in the world!!
I now believe I have so much to share with you all. I have 2 weeks holidays coming up and I am going to start putting up some of the work I have just completed with my students this term at school. What I have done so far. With the theme of Festivals of the World- I wanted to immerse my students in the various cultures that have strong arts and crafts in their communities. With a school fete due to be held at the school I collaborated with the music teacher. We created a program rich in the music and arts and crafts of Latin America-, we raised money for the Victims of Chile and for our sister school at Siem Reep in Cambodia ( a rubbish dump school.
With a family Pinata competition we attracted of 40 gorgeous entries which reflected authenticity, originality and a high level of skills. Congratulations to our winners. Photos will be posted soon.
Just to list a few things we have made so far in 9 weeks
Amate Paintings, Paper Molas. Papel Picados, Amate Picados, Costumes, Year of the Tiger, sumi -e paintings. Franz Marc Tiger paintings, Printmaking collographs of Tigers,
We celebrated the birthday of Dr Seuss and have also begun looking at the art of Kandinsky in reference to his circle paintings and how he painted his Rain Composition- co-incidentaly I began the artworks on the day our city Perth was struck by its greatest know storm with golf ball size hail, flooding and a mud slide.