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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mini Miros Yr 2/3s, 7- 8years age

Ever have one of those days you don't know what to do. Searching through my favourite blog sites I came across an art lesson on Joan Miro- posted on Deep Space Sparkle.
Not many materials required, art appreciation included and just enough time to get started. I have some good resources I collected over the years including calendar images which I purchase in February when they go out at least 1/2 price and when my friend who has a calendar shop gives me the ones she has not sold for free. I had great memories of the fantastic retrospective exhibition of Miro's held at the Centre Pompidou Art Gallery in Paris in 2004. It was the highlight of my trip along with Monet,s garden which was blooming in May. The children had lots of fun creating their drawings in draft form on cartridge paper and using felt pens. I searched my storeroom and found some offcuts of Mattboard used for making picture matts/frames. I cut up enough for each student and handed out black fine liners to the children. They drew their lovely whimsical characters and other little icon Miro shapes such as stars, suns, moons and eyes. To colour the main shapes I handed out metallic markers and the Faber Castell Colour burst pens for them to complete their works. I then mounted them onto to some black card for display. The photo shows some of them as display at our annual district art display ART BLAST - which showcases the artwork of thirty primary and secondary schools.


  1. I love the effect of Miro shapes and creatures with metallic markers and pen on colored background. Nice!

  2. I am going to loooovvveee this blog! Great project!

  3. i am going to read your blog on regular basis and try many ideas myself and with my little boy in coming days and years.

  4. hi Cheryl: you left a note on my blog awhile ago. . . about my Marc Chagall book. . . I think you can find it on . . which would be the best way fro you to get it! You can look me up on FaceBook: try to get you there, too! Thank you for your nice comment. . . hope we'll get tother online!
    Great day to you. . . and wonderful blog you have here: didn't check the other one about your beautiful dogs. . .



  5. Bijou- thankyou I purchased the book and the children just loved it. They have created some paper cut art work- I will locate them and post them asap.